Mental Health Matters.

Fund for Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental Health Matters

Our students' mental health and well-being is a Babson priority.

We understand that college and graduate school can be stressful, even under the best of circumstances. For many, the pandemic has heightened feelings of isolation and hopelessness and made it more difficult to build important social systems. Babson is doing everything we can to ensure our students have access to an array of mental health resources and can easily access them.

Babson launched a telehealth program that is free to students and available 24/7 to provide personal and confidential assistance. Services include:

  • face-to-face counseling sessions,
  • a mental health support line,
  • self-assessments, and
  • assistance with off-campus counseling referrals.

How You Can Help:

We're asking Babson alumni and parents to come together to help provide this critical service to our students. The cost to fund this program again next fiscal year is $90,000. 

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