Affordable Design & Entrepreneurship - QueenTech

Affordable Design & Entrepreneurship - QueenTech

Babson, Olin & Wellesley students are collaborating with a start-up in Ghana called QueenTech Initiative to develop food-processing equipment that significantly reduces the physical burden and streamlines the process of value-added food production. In addition, the company offers microloans to make this equipment even more accessible for women to start and or grow their home businesses. 


Your donation will keep this business running while it scales to a sustainable size!


What Will The Funds Be Used For?


QueenTech recently received a sizable DOW grant that will cover the costs for 50 more machines and in December 2019, QueenTech hired an awesome engineer named Nana Yaa to help assemble the new machines. While this grant is generous, it may not be used for QueenTech operating expenses (rent, transportation and salaries. Funds from this campaign will go directly to Queentech operations in Ghana.






Nana Yaa (Technical Project Manager) and Debbie (Executive Director)


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