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Social Innovation Inventureships- help support powerful change!

How can you take action in advancing one or more of the UN Global Goals—the biggest challenges of our time like poverty, climate action, and inequalities?

The Institute for Social Innovation helps students navigate answers to these big questions and find opportunities to create positive impact.

For example, we know students need to gain real-world experiences and platforms for creating social impact that often is not possible through traditional internships. We also know that organizations can benefit from tackling a special project or interest with a fresh, entrepreneurial approach.

That’s why we developed the Social Innovation Inventureship program.

Unlike a traditional internship, an Inventureship allows students to invent their own experience to build personal and professional skills while initiating meaningful change. Students work at a strategic level with a sponsoring organization (or through their own venture) to develop a semester-long project that addresses a real and current social impact challenge.

For example, Babson students have created an Inventureship to:

  • Calculate the ROI of Greyston’s Open Hiring model
  • Develop customer-value propositions in the context of the circular economy
  • Quantify the financial, social, and environmental advantages of investing in organic farmland
  • Launch the first-ever women’s hackathon in Vietnam

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